Who is each Premier League teams best academy graduate of the past decade?

With well over half of Premier Leagues players being foreign and the England National team going through the worst period in decades and having the worst crop of players in my lifetime, we have to look at the Premier League teams and what they are producing. Why are teams not looking towards their academies more? TV Money, cheap to import foreigners or wanting short term results rather than long term? We look through all 20 Premier League teams and see who is the best player they have produced in the past 10 years.

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2016: A Football Review

2016 has been a hectic year in almost every way with football being no exception. Let’s look back on what was one of the most surprising years in footballing history.

You can’t talk about 2016 without talking about the biggest sporting upset in history. I know every football fan is sick of seeing it but Leicester City winning the Premier League at odds of 5,000-1 is a feat that has never been seen before and likely will never be seen again. Finishing 14th the previous season after avoiding relegation in the last few weeks everyone expected more of the same from Leicester but they ran away with the title in a season that will be talked about 100 years from now. The story of Jamie Vardy coming from non-league to recently being voted 8th in the Balon d’Or vote is one of the best footballing cinderella stories of all time and the emergence of N’Golo Kante in particular, was astonishing. Continue reading “2016: A Football Review”