How Jokanovic eliminated “Fulhamish” from the fanbases lexicon

I’m sure a lot of clubs have their equivalent of “Fulhamish” phrases such as “Lads it’s Tottenham” and “Same old Arsenal” come to mind. Fulhamish is an adjective that describes something bad happening to a football team in a comedic way, something that has plagued Fulham FC for years prior.

Making a record signing to save you from relegation and him only play three games is Fulhamish. Conceding goals in the last minute and goals from set pieces is Fulhamish. Missing 80% of your penalties in a season is Fulhamish. Winning against the best team in the league then losing to the likes of Birmingham is Fulhamish. You get the idea.

After the appointment of Slavisa Jokanovic these “Fulhamish” traits seem to be disappearing; and the clubs form and league position has reflected that. With Fulham currently on their joint longest unbeaten run in history it’s time to look how this side’s mental toughness and tactical nouse has helped transform this team and eliminate the idea of the club being “Fulhamish”

The stats

It used to be that if Fulham held a one goal lead with 10 minutes to go you were expecting a point at best. With Jokanovic at the helm however you can never write Fulham off. How does the side of the past two years compare to the Magath/Symons eras?

 Stat 14/15+15/16 16/17+17/18
Points gained/lost after 80 mins -10 +17
Points gained from losing positions 20 40
Points lost from winning positions 45 35
Clean Sheets 13 21
Goal Difference after 80 mins -22 +13

The difference between this side and the teams of Magath and Symons is outstanding. a 35 goal swing in goal difference from goals conceded in the last ten minutes tells you all you need to know. Fulham have become a team that no longer bottle it every week. They are the team that you fancy to score a late winner rather than concede one. Losing ten less points from winning positions is incredible considering how much more frequently Fulham take the lead nowadays. Gaining double the amount of points from losing positions is also incredible as it shows the fighting spirit that Fulham have in the squad now. With Kevin McDonald and Tom Cairney being fantastic leaders on the pitch.


What do you think the main differences are between Fulham now and a few years back? Tweet me @charliejones141 or post at


Author: Charles Jones

Journalist. Fulham supporter. Leeds Trinity University student.

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