Interview Fulham Under-21 Star Jon Dagur Thorsteinsson “The Future Is Bright at Fulham”

Icelandic midfielder Jon Dagur Thorsteinsson has been making a name for himself this season. If like me you have Fulham’s Twitter on notifications you will surely have seen that Thorsteinsson has been on fire this season. Scoring 7 in 21 from midfield the 19 year-old has aspirations of reaching the first team in the coming years.

Thorsteinsson spoke to CharlesJonesSports about his time at the club so far in an exclusive interview.

CJ: “You’ve had a fantastic season so far what would you put your improvement this year down to?”

JDT: “I played alot of football last season for both u18’s and u23’s and I think that is what’s helped me improve my game this season.”

CJ: “You joined Fulham in 2015 how did that move come about?”

JDT: “I first came to fulham in February 2015 on trial for one week with my team mate from back home. We both stayed here for a week. After that week they offered me another weeks trial. I came over again in april and after playing one friendly with u16’s they offered me a contract. after that i moved over permanently in the summer.”

CJ: “Were you hesitant to come over to England at such a young age?”

JDT: “It was a big decision to come to England, and a hard one. To go to a club as big as Fulham was huge and tough to begin with but i think i got used to it quite quickly.”

CJ: “Other than yourself who else in the development squad do you see becoming a potential first team player?”

JDT: “We have a a lot of youngsters coming through. A lot of players have been going on loan to get first team games. In our u23’s and u18’s there are so many good players. The future is bright at fulham and hopefully we will see some players make the step up to the first team

CJ: “Being Icelandic did you get any grief from team mates after Euro 2016?”

JDT: “After Euro 2016, the English players didn’t really wanna talk about it. (laughs) But i think everybody was happy for us to get so far in the tournament being such a small country.”

CJ: “Being able to play both through the middle and on the wing what would you say your best position is?”

JDT: “I can play both as a left winger and as a number 10. However I see myself in the future somewhere on that left side, be it in the midfield or on the wing.”

CJ: “Is there any player in the first team that you look up to?”

JDT: “When Ragnar Sigurdsson played for Fulham i used to look up to him. Great player and a great guy aswell.”

CJ: “In a previous interview you said Dennis Adeniran had “The best banter” at the club. Adeniran has since departed to Everton. With the youth levels being such a revolving door at times have you found it hard to create relationships with your team mates?”

JDT: “I think the way the boys took me in when i came over helped alot. I have very good relationships with my team mates and I have made many close friends here.”

CJ: “If you could compare your playstyle to any other player who would you compare yourself to?”

JDT: “That’s is a very difficult question. probably somebody who is very slow (laughs) I couldn’t think of any names though.


Author: Charles Jones

Journalist. Fulham supporter. Leeds Trinity University student.

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