Cambridge United Winger Harrison Dunk speaks exclusively to Charles Jones Sports in an interview 

Harrison Dunk has played over 200 games for Cambridge United now and is well on his way to becoming a legend at the Abbey Stadium. He has played through Cambridge United’s best spell since the 80s playing through a promotion and an FA Trophy win. Cambridge missed out on the playoffs by only 4 points last season and will be looking to make the step up this season. Here’s what Harrison had to say to us.

CJ: “Who is the best manager you have ever worked under and why?”

HD: “It’s a tough one because I have had different managers with different qualities. Richard Money was great personally, because he knew how to get the best out of me personally with his man management skills and also he had great knowledge of the game. However Shaun Derry is different, he’s a great motivator and very detailed in everything he does which is great for the players.”

CJ: “Now Playing over 200 games for Cambridge do you have any ambition to become captain one day?”

HD: “Captaining Cambridge would be a great achievement and honour, however, I would say there are other players that are more suited to being captain than myself. I like to think I’m a good role model but I’m not the loudest on the pitch and so maybe best that I’m not.”

CJ: “What do you make of the signings of David Amoo and Jabo Ibehre?”

HD: “They’re good attacking players which give us lots of different options which can only be good coming into the season.”

CJ: “What are your goals for next season both personally and for the club?”

HD: “Personally I’d like to score more goals and see where that takes us. We will just try and improve upon last season.”

CJ:  “What has been the highlight of your time at Cambridge United”

“Promotion at Wembley was definitely the highlight and one of the best feelings I could ever experience. Playing man Utd was a close second”

CJ: “How did you feel winning player of the season at Bromley at such a young age?”

HD: “I was amazed and really owe a lot to Bromley for giving me the opportunity when no one else would. They gave me a great platform which I will always be grateful for.”

CJ: “What was it like not being able to play in the FA Trophy final at Wembley? Was it quite a bittersweet moment watching the boys win without you?”

HD: “Yeah I was obviously gutted, but I still celebrated with the boys on the pitch. I’ve always been a real team player so I was still thrilled and it was a great experience.”

CJ: “One of Cambridge’s biggest results in recent history is holding Manchester United to a 0-0 draw. How did you feel sharing the pitch with the likes of Angel Di Maria, Falcao and David De Gea? Were you nervous?”

HD: “It was a great experience and one I will never forget. I was, of course, a bit star struck at time, however, I wouldn’t say nervous. The pressure was all on them. We just went out there to enjoy ourselves and in the end got a great result.”


Author: Charles Jones

Journalist. Fulham supporter. Leeds Trinity University student.

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