Ex Premier League midfielder Danny Pugh speaks about his career in an exclusive interview. 

Danny Pugh has been around playing professionally for 15 years and has seen it all in football. Experiencing extreme both promotion and relegation, playing in both the Champions League and League 2 Danny Pugh’s career has been an interesting one.

In an exclusive interview, he talks about a multitude of topics such as; his time as a youth player at Manchester United, being Blackpool captain under the ownership of the controversial Oystons, studying for his coaching badges and much more. Danny Pugh has played for some of the biggest clubs in England but currently, plays at Vale Park for Port Vale.

CJ: “You have played under a lot of managers but who is the best manager you ever worked under and why?”

DP: “Although I only played 7 first team games for United I have to obviously say, Sir Alex Ferguson.
His winning mentality and his ability to achieve continued success for so many years was unbelievable for me to witness”

CJ: “Whilst in the youth setup at Manchester United which players stood out from a young age?”

DP: “Danny Webber was the year above me and he was always a stand out player from a very young age.

Daniel Nardiello was in my year and always scored a lot of goals

Darren Fletcher was the year below me and it was clear he was going to be a top player & he’s gone on to have a great career.”

CJ: “Who did you look up to in the Manchester United dressing room?”

DP: ” Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Roy Keane were the 3 I probably looked up to the most.”

CJ: “You have played for a lot of clubs famed for their passionate fan bases (Leeds, Stoke, etc.) who were your favourite fans to play in front of”

DP:  “I’ve been lucky to play in front of some fantastic fans. The Leeds fans were unbelievable on their day.”

I think I’d have to say Stoke though, due to the success we had during that period.

CJ: “How is studying for your coaching badges going?”

DP: “I’m really enjoying studying for my badges. It makes you start looking at the game from a completely different angle”

6. “What was the best moment of your career?”

DP: “Really hard to just pick one moment.

My debut for Manchester United was obviously a massive moment for me.

Getting promoted with Stoke and playing in an FA Cup final were definite highlights as well”

CJ: “7. What was the worst moment of your career?”

DP:  “Getting relegated this Season with Port Vale”

CJ: “What is the funniest story you have from the dressing room at any club?”

DP:  “A lot of funny things that happen in dressing rooms should stay in dressing rooms so I’ll leave this question haha”

CJ: “How do you think Port Vale will bounce back from being relegated?”

DP: “I’m confident we will have a good season. Some players have already left & the manager has started bringing some new faces in so I’m really looking to getting started”

CJ: “11. How was playing for Blackpool in arguably their worst spell in recent history? And What do you make of the Oystons running of Blackpool? Did it have an effect on the players? and did the fan protests affect your game?

DP: “To be honest as a player you stay away from the politics of a Football Club as much as possible as it is not something you can effect. It’s very sad what’s happening with the fans etc and unfortunately, I can’t see it being redeemed anytime soon.

It shouldn’t effect the players as their job is to concentrate on playing and as you can see the team did exceptionally well to get promoted with the issues going on in the background.”


Author: Charles Jones

Journalist. Fulham supporter. Leeds Trinity University student.

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